Calling Cards


Nagtel Calling cards are the best way to call local and overseas calls with our simple call back options most suitable for tourists / overseas workers / students and everyone who call tp their loved ones. Just buy our card and start making calls from anywhere in Malaysia using our call back system. So you don't have to spend money on outgoing call as our system will cut your call and call back in less than 10 seconds. Each calling card is coming with the FREE SMS with the same value (please see at the back of the calling card).


Now we offer calling cards in the following denominations. Always buy NAGTEL CARD from a genuine dealer / Retailer.


RM 5 / RM 10 / RM 15 / RM 30 / RM 50 / RM 100


Instructions on using this card described in this picture on back of every calling card.



For a detailed tariff for calling card - Click here - Excel File

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