1. Can you explain what is NAGTEL?

    Nagtel is a MNC Telecom Company pioneered in Cloud Telephony technology.

    How Nagtel is different from other telecom companies?

    Nagtel offers next generation cloud telephony technology from 2009 in many countries. Nagtel offer solutions for your home / office / mobile…..

    Is Nagtel a new mobile company?

    Nagtel is NOT a cellphone company. It doesn’t offer any sim cards. But Nagtel technology works with all mobile phones. No matter whatever sim card connection you have.

    What kind of number does Nagtel offer?

    We offer 03- Numbers like Telekom Malaysia. We also offer 10 digit Nagtel network numbers for FREE calling.

    How much is your monthly rental per month?

    Nagtel offers phone connections without any monthly rental. All our services are pre-paid. If you need Incoming PSTN – Telekom Malaysia number then you have to pay RM 19 rental per month for unlimited incoming calls.

    What is the Minimum Contract period for Nagtel Phone line?

    Nagtel offers phone connection without any contract. You may use the phone lines for 1 day to life long without any monthly rental or contract.

    Does Nagtel check my Credit?

    Nagtel does not check your credit. Even if you have bad or troubled credit due to unexpected circumstances, we still offer phone / fax connections for your home / office and mobiles.

    How long Nagtel will take to issue phone connections & numbers?

    Nagtel offer phone / fax lines instantly. This would take a maximum of 5 minutes ONLY.

    Telekom Malaysia and other phone companies claimed that they do not have infrastructure or cable to issue phone lines to my office or home. Is it possible by Nagtel?

    Nagtel has provided landline connections to many offices where they were using mobile phones as their office number. We also do not charge any money for providing phone/fax lines as an infrastructure cost.


    I am a small entrepreneur / businessman cannot afford to have a dedicated office, but I still need a 03-KL number for my business phone line and 03-KL number for FAX line, How Nagtel can help in this scenario?

    Nagtel offers 03-KL numbers to anyone in KL or anywhere in Malaysia or in 230 countries. You may able to buy a business phone / fax number on prepaid system without any contracts or commitment. You may buy a 03-KL number for your mobile phone for the first time in Malaysia. Your customer will never know that you don’t have an office, because you have a landline number for phone and fax.

    How do we pay monthly bills, If I don’t have an office – where do you send bills?

    All phone lines from Nagtel is prepaid. You may top-up the required amount on your choice. Since there is no monthly rental you may use the top-up to any period. You may able to control the cost by budgeting. You can top-up through online or by bank transfer.

    I am doing business in India and China – Can you able to provide Nagtel telephone / fax connection with 03-KL number?

    Yes we can offer telephone/fax lines to any part of the world with 03-KL Number. You or your customers can call your international offices without any IDD charges and all incoming calls in foreign countries are FREE. If you and your office / family relatives in other country has Nagtel phone line – Then you both can avail UNLIMITED INCOMING AND OUTGOING for FREE 24 hrs.


    I am a frequent overseas traveler. Does Nagtel has any solutions to reduce my roaming bills?

    Nagtel is the ONLY Company offers FREE APPS in iOS / Android / Windows Phone / Blackberry & Symbian. Download the apps and start calling from anywhere to Malaysia or to any country without any roaming charges. All calls to any numbers in Malaysia is just 0.05 sens ONLY for 30 seconds. No more sim swapping also. Our apps works in every country. All you need is mobile data or Wi-Fi.

    I am using particular phone / fax numbers for more than 15 years. I cannot afford to change these numbers. How Nagtel can play a role to my business?

    Nagtel can offer two type of solutions…

    Nagtel offer free telephone / fax connections with the same number what you have for so many years. Using this phone you may make outgoing calls and SAVE your bills up to 300 – 500 times such as the tariff from 0.30 sens to RM2. In addition to that you will get extra phone / fax lines so your office / residence phones never give BUSY TONE to your customers. All phone lines offered by us doesn’t have any RENTAL. So PAY AS YOU GO.

    You may able to transfer your existing Telekom Malaysia numbers to our network. We can facilitate this transfer under NUMBER PORTABILITY program.


    If you provide additional phone / fax lines without a cost is good. But what number it will display to my customers when they receive call from Nagtel phones?

    Nagtel install phone lines and configure the number as per your choice. You may configure your business number / mobile number or Private Number of your choice. Customers will see the display number of your choice ONLY.

    For privacy can you able to offer NO CALLER ID or PRIVATE NUMBER option to Nagtel Phone / Fax Lines and how much you charge monthly?

    Nagtel can offer PRIVATE NUMBER or NO CALLER ID option for FREE of charge.

    How Nagtel tariff works out other than Klang Valley? I have many customers in East Malaysia and foreign countries, the current tariff is very expensive…..

    Nagtel offers a FLAT TARIFF of 0.05 sens for any land / mobile networks across Malaysia. Besides Malaysia the rate is same for few countries like Singapore / India / China / UK / USA / Canada and many countries.

    Does Nagtel collect any IDD Security deposit, Installation fee or One Time Activation fee like other telecom companies?

    Nagtel offer all phone / fax lines with IDD calling, and NO installation fee or One Time Activation fee for users under SMART PLAN.

    Why Nagtel offer 30 seconds tariff, where most of the companies offer 1 minute tariff.

    According to the recent survey, Most of the calls ends in the first 30 seconds if the calling person is not available or if the calls land to voice mail. Keeping that in mind we offer 30 seconds billing, so that customers can save a FORTUNE by this new billing method.

    Can I able to buy Nagtel phones and send it to my overseas relatives, If yes how they will configure the phone? Does they require IT knowledge?

    All Nagtel phone lines come with ready to call with IDD facility. All they have to do is unpack the box power the phone and connect the wire to the internet as easy as 123.

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